Our Story

It's really the story of Jesus and the Holy Spirit whom He has sent.  We have been so blessed by the Truth of God and His Word, the Holy Bible, that we want to share the Blessed Hope with others!  God's promises are not only for a future world where there will be no more sickness or sorrow, no more pain or suffering, no more cruelty or violence, no more death and no more tears....His promises are for NOW!  He wants His children to live heavenly lives TODAY!  And His power is more than sufficient for every one of us who is willing to do that very thing.  It is God's purpose to lift us up out of our lives of sin and give us a new life that is patterned after the example He gave us when He came to earth as a man and lived a human life as you and I must live it, totally dependent upon the Father's power for the strength to resist temptation and live in perfect conformity to His will.